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Initial   point   of   the   body   oriented   approach   is   the   connection   with   body,   emotions   and   mind.   As   long   as   these   three   aspects   of   our   being   are balanced and connected people feel healthy and are able to improve their life. But   in   our   modern   societies   these   three   levels   often   are   not   connected:   People   learn   to   identify   mainly   with   their   mind,   they   block   their   emotions and   judge   about   their   body   along   the   ideals   of   beauty   or   fitness.   As   a   consequence   the   body   is   full   of   tension,   people   feel   restless   and   tired   at   the same time. In   the   body   oriented   approach   within   trainings   we   raise   awareness   about   someone´s   body   in   order   to      connect   the   three   levels   of   being.   Therefore we   make   use   of   movement,   voice-expression,   touching   and   breathing   exercise.   We   learn   how   to   let   go   tension,   to   get   aware   of   the   body-sensations and   to   feel   the   own   vitality   and   strength.   Within   this   process   of   moving   energy      and   relaxation   people   come   in   touch   with   their   feelings   and   learn   to free their emotions. The aim is to find trust in someone self by accepting  all emotions and body-sensations: to be just the way you are.