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Training course for migrant woman

Each partner of the project will develop and carry out training courses for migrant women. Migrant   women   involved   in   the   course   get   in   contact   with   each   other   and   reflect   on   themselves:   their feelings,   their   experiences,   their   desires.   Step   by   step   they   build   up   self-confidence,   trust   and   consciousness.     The   core   of   the   training   is   the   use   of   a   body-oriented   approach   as   an   innovative   tool   in   adult   education.     Thereby   our   training   sessions   are   full   of   fun   and   action,   emotions   and   movement.   Much   more   than   just talking – it will become alive!
Seven subjects will be addressed 1. Get in touch: making contact among participants as well as with body approach 2. A new beginning: analysing the actual situation 3. Free your body, free your energy: release blocks and feel the pleasure of movement 4. Treasure hunt: exploring own potentials, life experiences and motivation 5. Come up: overcome resistance and fear towards employability and independency 6. Join the club: organize support, keep the energy high and gain work-related networks 7. Ready, steady, go: define strategy, examine opportunities and take action
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