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Train the trainer

Our experts offer an education programme for trainers about how to work with body-oriented trainings on the self-development and employability of migrant women. On the basis of this programme trainers will be able to realize trainings with high quality and optimal results and have the most profit of the innovative approach. In the first step this programme was given to the staff of the involved partner-organisations (2016). Later this programme will be offered to a wider range of trainers.   The programme Part 1:  face-to-face training of six days Experiencing body oriented work first hand Reflecting body oriented work in order to transfer this to the target group of migrant women Working through the seven subjects addressed by the training Getting familiar with all necessary tools and methods Developing transversal skills on intercultural- and gender-skill Part 2:   e-learning including five modules Power of the body Barriers on the labour market Cultural aspects of saying “No” Domestic violence Trainers emotional balance Part 3:   face-to-face five day’s training Working on questions, conflicts and resistance that appeared during the courses with migrant women Reflecting own position as female role model, including possibilities and boundaries Deepening   gender-issues:      How   to   face   gender-discrimination,   sexual   violence,   harassment   during   the training? Learning   to   exercise   intersectional   perspective:   cross-over   of   culture,   religion,   gender,   sexual   identity etc.
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