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The Background

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The   body   oriented   approach   how   we   implement   it   within   the   Mind4Body   trainings   project   is   based   on   three   points:   body-oriented   psychotherapy, Core Energetics and Women Empowerment. The Body-oriented psychotherapy Although   we   are   not   giving   therapy   we   relate   to   the   theory   and   experience   from   body   oriented   psychotherapy.   Here   we   find   the   most   profound   knowledge and   experiences   in   connecting   body   and   mind.   Wilhelm   Reich   (1897   –   1957)   was   the   first   psychotherapist   who   discovered   the   meaning   of   the   body   and   its   way to   move   as   expression   of   the   personality.   Basically   body-therapy   recognized   the   deep   connection   of   all   psychological   and   physical   processes   within   each personality.   There   is   a   lot   of   research   within   body   oriented   therapy   in   how   far   the   experiences   of   a   human   being   are   imprinted   into   the   body:   the   so-called character   structures   who   are   based   on   physical   blocks   to   avoid   feelings.   Body   oriented   therapy   contributes   to   healing   of   the   psyche   by   releasing   these   blocks with   technics   of   moving,   breathing   and   touching.   Nowadays   body   psychotherapy   has   an   in   important   place   in   the   world   of   psychotherapy.   In   our   training   we adapt technics from the body therapy into adult education. Our aim is not to heal the past, but to find somebodies potential and to create the own future.  Read more at European Association for Body Psychotherapy   Core Energetics Core Energetics is a body-oriented technique for personal growth. It is also called an evolutionary process that wants to inspire people in their lives and personal journeys. Important terms are energy and consciousness as to explain the continuity of emotions and awareness in the body. Core energetic is mainly used in psychotherapy as to create self-awareness, heal old wounds and radically increase the potential to enjoy life.  Core Energetics was created by John Pierrakos (1921 – 2001). First he developed the bio-energetic analysis (together with Alexander Lowen) which is based on the ideas of Wilhelm Reich (see above). But after Pierrakos met Eva Broch  (1915 – 1979) he shifted some fundamental attitudes in his approach. The healthy core of human being became the main focus of each healing process. “Core energetics functions beyond the normal psychotherapeutic principles. It is an evolutionary process of body, mind and spirit. Core energetics is a creative act that opens us to ourselves, to others, to Life, to God.’ John Pierrakos  In our training we relate to the base of core energetics: to love and accept someone self is the most important message we want to transfer with Mind4Body. Read more at Netherlands Institute for Core Energetics:  Women Empowerment Trainings   that   contribute   to   the   empowerment   of   girls   and   women   have   been   developed   all   over   Europe   within   the   last   40   years.      The   second   wave   of   the women´s   movement   in   western   Europe   pointed   out   that   there   is   still   inequality   between   the   positions,   the   resources   and   the   influence   of   men   and   women   in our   societies   to   the   disadvantage   of   women.   The   strategies   how   to   overcome   this   gender-based   inequality   are   quite   diverse,   but   the   empowerment   of   women (and girls) has become a fundamental approach. Women   empowerment   is   as   well   an   attitude   that   points   out   the   potential   of   each   individual   women,   the   diversity   among   women   and   the   right   to   live   all   these this   potential   just   the   way   she   is.   Women   empowerment   is   also   an   approach   in   adult   education   with   the   goal   to   support   each   women   in   finding   and expressing   her   power,   to   connect   with   other   women   in   solidarity   and   to   take   responsibility   in   creating   societies   to   live   in   peace   and   diversity.   There   are   several concepts   in   how   to   work   with   the   body   in   women   empowerment   like   self-   defence   technics   or      Wen   Do.   Body-work   is   used   as   a   tool   to   convey   self-esteem,   protection of someone self and self-efficacy.  “Gender equality? What research reveals” :   “United nations goal: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”:   “European women´s lobby”: