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Journey   through   the   body:    All   participants   are   lying   on   the   ground,   if   possible   on   a   yoga   mat   of   mattress.   The   trainer   is   guiding   them   through   a journey   into   their   own   body.   Starting   with   observing   someone’s   own   breath   step   by   step   the   women   go   with   their   attention   from   their   feet upwards   until   their   head.   With   support   of   their   breath,   especially   by   breathing   out,   they   let   go   of   their   tension.   They   stay   aware   and   open   up   to   feel whatever   there   is   in   the   body.   After   the   journey   when   everybody   is   back   and      present   the   participants   might   share   their   experiences.   This   could also happen in several steps, like first making a drawing of the own body-sensations, sharing in small groups, making an exhibition of the pictures.   Expressing   the   NO:   There   are   many   reasons   to   say   “No”   towards   something   or   somebody,   but   often   it   is   not   seen   as   appropriate.   But   without   a permission   to   say   “No”   there   is   also   no   freedom   to   say   “Yes”.   Instead   there   is   some   kind   of   “o.k.,   but”…   Learning   to   say   “No”   and   to   say   “Yes”   are deep   issues   in   the   process   of   empowerment.   The   participants   first   get   clear   towards   whatever   in   their   life   they   want   to   say   “No”.   Then   they   are invited   to   express   their   “No”   in   a   bodily   way:   by   signing   a   border   with   their   hands,   by   speaking   it   out   loudly   or   even   much   stronger   by   hitting   a pillow   that’s   lying   on   a   table   with   a   tennis   racket   or   stick   coated   with   foam.   Doing   so   a   lot   of   energy   comes   up:   most   of   the   time   suppressing   the “No” inhibits the own power. Expressing increases the energy and motivation to improve somebodies live. Support   each   other:   The   women   pair   up   and   sit   together   on   the   floor.   With   the   two   they      have   physical   contact   from   back   to   back.   The   women start   a   non-verbal   communication   just   from   back   to   back,   they   hang   forwards   and   backwards,   they   swing   together.   Finally   they   just   rest   together leaning   on   each   other’s   back.   Afterwards   they   share   what   they   experienced.   The   physical   experience   open   ups   to   a   deeper   level   of   connection among the participants, where they can really show up with their needs and desires so that they can support each other.