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Senior Trainers

Senior trainers: Regina   Rauw   and   Wilma   Groeneveld:   both   trainers   and   body-oriented   therapists   with   own offices   in   the   Netherlands.   They   combine   the   body   oriented   approach   with   their   training activities.   Regina   and   Wilma   cooperate   in   giving   workshops,   international   trainings   (women alive    in    Turkey    2013)    and    train-the    trainer    activities.    They    are    both    connected    to    the Netherlands Institute for Core energetics were they graduated as therapists in 2012.   Wilma:    The   essential   subject   in   my   private   and   professional   live   is:   “Be,   who   you   are.”   This is   also   my   guideline   in   the   project   “mind4Body”:   support   and   esteem   for   women,   so   they can be who they are, no matter where they live or work.   Regina :   Every   person   is   full   of   potential.   With   my   work   I   want   to   contribute   to   the   switch   in perspective:   From   adapting   to   “musts”   and   “norms”   to   the   freedom   of   being   someone   self with   passion,   wisdom   and   desire.   As   trainer   I   welcome   multiple   perspectives   and   open space for curiosity, acceptance and the not-knowing.
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