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Our experts

Eubikus EEIG, Germany (coordinator): Regina  Rauw:  pedagogue and body-oriented therapist. She runs her own business as a trainer, coach and body-oriented therapist. For   25   years   she   has   offered   empowerment   classes   for   girls   and   women   as   well   as   postgraduate   professional   trainings   about   including gender   issues   in   education   and   social   work.   Her   management   skills   showed   up   by   leading   youth   organisations,   an   adult   education institute as well as diverse international projects.     Regina   initiated   the   mind4body-project   based   on   her   passion   to      connect   gender-issues   and   intercultural   skills   with   a   body-oriented approach. e-mail address:   ARES, Italy: Rita Maselli Paola Pietrangelo Izmir Governorship, Turkey:  Ali Enis Özdemir: I am a part of a team which implements projects using EU and other funds and programmes as well as promoting intercultural studies on behalf of the governorship since march of 2013. I have been working on this field for more than four years and have been conducting researches, writing reports, organizing events, preparing presentations both in Turkish and English as a part of the staff or coordinator. I have experience in building cooperation with other local institutions as well as European partner organisations since the job requires a reliable partnership in order to sustain a fruitful operation. I attended to the Project Cycle Management training in 2013 which is certified by Eurodesk Turkey and I have been advising local public offices for their project configurations and goals besides presenting possible funding opportunities and programmes. My present position requires a good following of the state of art of the city, the services given by the public institutions, the innovative approaches and progressive methods and I try to stay up to date about relevant topics. Interkulturelles Forum Fulda, Germany: Martina   Möller-Öncü,   psycho   therapist   and   intercultural   trainer;   she   puts   her   varied   knowledge   one   in   projects   and   activities   which promote   the   management   of   cultural   diversity,   at   social   level,   with   local   authority   districts   and   SME   as   well.   She   has   collected   her   own intercultural competence by life and work abroad and has reflected professionally. Stichting Tour, The Netherlands: Fahimeh   Alavi.    She   lives   in   the   Netherlands   for   already   30   years,   originally   she   is   from   Iran.   She   is   a   financial   professional   who   is   changing   her career   to   be   a   coach/trainer.      She   gets   excited   with   each   step   she   takes   regarding   that   change   process   in   her   life   -   feeling   like   a   5   year   old   girl   who experiences   and   learns   new   things   in   life   every   day.   She   loves   to   learn   and   teach   about   how   somebody   can   be   who   he   or   she   is   without   any boundaries. She sees her life as a beautiful movie with a lot of ups and downs and plenty of diversity. Lionel Martijn
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and  the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.  Project number: 2015-1-DE02-KA204-002354